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Happy Birthday, Sho-chan!!

Sooooo I've put off my birthday post for *cough* 25th of January is already over in JST *cough but it's still Sho's birthday here so I still get to pour out my love for this cute 35 year old :D

Sho definitely has many talents, the most celebrated ones being his ability to rap extremely well and his newscasting abilities.
But what I appreciate the most about Sho is his character - his constant concern for Arashi's fans, and even the concern he has for the other members. He's really like a Mom (Mama Sho pls) and everytime I see how he goes along with Ohmiya's pranks/jokes, how he never fails to involve Masaki in conversations and how he encourages Jun's nerdy bonsai talk (omg Jun pls stop with the bonsai talk lol) it just really warms my heart!

To the other members, he's their shadow leader: basically the person who gets things organised and ensures that things get done lol aka the serious dude who's on task. I'm just so proud of everything that Sho has achieved thus far - he definitely has worked his butt off and deserves all the accomplishments he has right now - and I'm thankful for his presence in Arashi; for shaping them to be the loving group that they are today :)

Let's all just take a few minutes to appreciate this amazing human being:

chibi Sho is so cute?!

someone save me ahhhhh

my current wallpaper bc he just looks too damn good in this photo

I hope that in his 35th year, he'll be able to enjoy more food (because Sho x food is the ultimate OTP) and achieve even greater recognition for all his hard work!!

Once again, お誕生日おめでとう 翔くん!!<3
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