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Happy Birthday Aiba-chan!

Happy 34th birthday to Aiba-chan!!
The mood-maker of Arashi and the source of motivation for Arashi when things get tough. <3

LOOK HOW FLUFFY HE IS OMG (anan really does one of the best shoots)

Speaking from my personal experience working with people, I do know the importance of having optimistic people around when tensions rise among the group. This is the reason why Aiba-kun's presence in Arashi has always been important, because he constantly uplifts them with his own carefree outlook on life.

People may see Aiba as tennen, which moreoften than not, has a negative connotation. But I think that Aiba's tennen side is what makes him all the more genuine in his interactions with others! It's his advantage at any rate, at least to me... It's what makes Aiba, Aiba. :)

In all things, here's wishing the best of health and the best wishes for a great year for Aiba-chan! May this middle child always be blessed by his other members and by the industry in the upcoming year too ^^
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