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大野くん お誕生日おめでとう!!

On the surface, Ohno looks super chill and doesn't comment on much, choosing to keep his thoughts to himself instead most times, but what's hidden with his silence is his immense talent! I remain in awe whenever I think about how talented he is - from his amazing singing, to his creativity in choreographing dances (I LOVE THE ONE HE CHOREOGRAPHED FOR TRAP), to the way he expresses himself and his experiences through his art and drawings.

It's normally hard for a person to have even one singular talent and actually be good at it, which makes me love Ohno even more since he can do all 3 equally well! I'm so proud of how far he's come in the past 20 odd years in this industry; one thing I'm sure of is that Arashi would definitely be a very different group without him. There were definitely people who questioned what kind of leader he is, since he doesn't direct the other group members and "set the rules" needed for a group. But his unique leadership style - placing the rest at the forefront while foresaking his own time in the spotlight - is one that is selfless, and gave Arashi the space they needed to grow both as individuals and as a group. It's the respect that the other four give him as well that demonstrates the love they have for him as their leader, simply by virtue of the fact that Ohno respects them too.

So thank you, Oh-chan, for being the amazing individual you are (and have always been) and for shaping Arashi to be who they are today on the global stage. Happy 36th!

P.S.: He definitely does not look like he's 36....
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