Kiyoe (twomiyakun) wrote,

手越くん お誕生日おめでとう!

I'm a few minutes late in JST, but technically it's still 11pm here so....... I'm not late

Thank you for always making me laugh so much and bringing in so much joy into my life <3 I just love that you're basically brilliant at whatever you set yourself to do AND YOU DO IT WITH SO MUCH DETERMINATION that even when you fail, everyone else is won over by how much spirit you have. It's also the reason why you've got so much success, because of such an amazing personality :)

I also never fail to be taken away by your voice, especially your solos omg the amount of feeling in them... Can't even believe that you're only turning 29 lol you still look about 25?! The blonde hair really helps, I think xD

Last but not least, gonna leave an amazing screenie of Tego's butt here because this butt is also 29 years old today hehe watching Tego do no-hands pants made me laugh like shit again HAHA happy birthday again Tego!!!!

Tags: happy birthday!, tegoshi yuya
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