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how can one not gush over Nino??

ahhhhhh can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute Nino is omg I mean...

Did I just stumble upon a cutie being surprised at the appearance of penguins? xD

This little cutie struggling to carry everything and walking into the room hehe

"Oh, how about I just sit here and talk to the penguins while I wait for the clothes to be washed??" YES DO THAT

"Oh my, it's really clean isn't it?" JUST LOOK AT HIS CUTE LITTLE FACE AHHH

His fringe too hehe makes him look like a little boy which he technically is
Makes me want to buy nanox even HAHAHA #marketingdoneright

As usual, thank you weibo for sharing these photos!!

P.S.: Currently putting Time album on major repeat haha need to find time to watch the con oops
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